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Choosing earrings – what to consider

I don’t know about you but I had absolutely no idea that choosing earrings could be so complicated.  There are so many things to consider.  In this post, I’m going to cover the things that I wish I’d known years ago.

1. Face shape

The shape of your face can dictate just how much your earrings will flatter and draw the right kind of attention. The right baubles can make a world of difference to your appearance, so always choose earrings that flatter your face. 

Inverted triangle

is characterized by a wide forehead and gently tapered chin. In order to balance your facial shape, draw attention to your eyes by choosing teardrop or chandelier style earrings

Oval faces

can really wear just about any style, however a simple stud, or triangular style of earring will flatter best. This is especially true for oval-shaped faces with prominent cheekbones.

Round faces

are widest at the cheekbone with little to no taper toward the chin. Drop-earrings with geometric shapes are most flattering. Avoid studs or button-type earrings, and dangling circles or ball-shaped beading.

Square faces

are typically characterized by a wide chin. Try softening the angles of your face with long oval drop-earring style, or round hoops. Avoid square or rectangular earrings.

Long, narrow faces

are flattered most by round drops, or cluster studs. These styles will add some fullness that you may be lacking and a lifted appearance.

Small, fine bone structures

need a delicate style earring that compliments their beauty. Large, or chunky styles overpower those with finer features and shape.

Medium bone structures

will be complimented by neither delicate, nor overly-large styles. Stay with medium-length drop styles, or mid-sized studs.

Large stunning features with a more solid bone structure

– can wear the bigger and more opulent style earrings…….think “statement”!

Heart shaped faces

are similar to inverted triangles, but may sport a widow’s peak and a chin more pointed in appearance. This shape also benefits from teardrop or chandelier style of earring. These styles add balance to the lower part of the face, creating a symmetry.

2. Choosing appropriate earrings

Take into account the venue in which you will be wearing your earrings. If you’re headed to the office choose something more conservative. A classic stud or understated slight drop would be appropriate.

After 5:00 p.m., or for a special occasion like a holiday party or wedding, let your inner bling-goddess sparkle. Dangling chandelier earrings, heavy hoops, and drop cluster earrings let people know you’ve come to party!

3. Choosing earrings for your personal style

It’s important not to stray from your personal style. If you lean toward the romantic favouring lacy, flouncy feminine clothing,  then you should choose a more curvy and soft-angle earring in muted colors.

Drama queens look best in geometric shaped earrings. Deep jewel-toned and angular studs or eye-catching drop-down dazzlers.

Artistic and creative types wear colour well.  Up your style with dangle or drop earrings in the brightest hues.

For the classic woman, ultra chic hoops and studs complement your style best. If you prefer an easygoing and natural style, opt for understated earrings reflecting the colours found in nature, cool greens, muted blues, yellow, azure, and amber.

4. Remember to check weight

The weight of your earring makes a big difference in both comfort and appearance. The droop of an overweight earring looks bad and can be potentially harmful to the ear if it leads to ripping or tearing of the lobe.

5. Choosing earrings and colour


You want to wear earrings that work with your overall complexion. If your skin has warm undertones, you will look best with gold metal and with earrings with warm colours, and if your skin has cooler undertones, you will suit silver jewellery and jewellery with cool colours.


You want to wear earrings that work well with your eye colour. If you want to emphasize the natural colour of your eyes you can choose the right earrings with similar colours. That will be sure to make your eyes really sparkle!

Make up

With make-up, try sticking to the same rules as with your clothes. It’s all about balance and knowing when to stop, or how much is too much. If in doubt, less is more and it’s better to go for subtlety rather than looking ‘over done.


 Hopefully this brief post has given you some food for thought.  Don’t forget to pin it for easy reference and I’d love it if you would consider sharing it if you have found some value.

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Until next time,


Choosing Appropriate Earrings



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